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Barbara H. Schmitt has worked in several film productions as a script consultant, dramaturg, production manager and production assistant.

Film projects - in production

Ida & Ed logo

Ida & Ed, TV-Series

animation, toddlers

Under development

Ida and Ed are best friends and environmental agents.

Each episode, nature is exposed to a new type of environmental damage.

Genre: adventure, humor, pedagogical

Production: Norway, Brazil

Producer, series creator and director: Barbara H. Schmitt

Art Director: Johny Guenther

Animators: Diogo Chewbacca, Rafael Sorowski

Film music: Sigurd Nikolai Winge

Sound Design: Lars Einar Johansen

Pedagogical team: Samatha Tanioti - children psychologist, Lidia Johansen - Kindergarten teacher, Claudia Videira - primary school teacher

Happy Rabbit logo

Happy Rabbit, TV-Series fiction, family

Under development

SKY is a charismatic child who loves to cook exciting dishes and invent crazy games. Sky lives in a colorful environmental collective in the countryside that runs a traveling restaurant called Happy Rabbit, where the food is made from things from the garbage.

But then Sky and the collective have to move to the big city and Sky starts, for the first time, at a normal school. We join when Sky and the collective have to adapt to a completely different kind of lifestyle, encounter prejudices, rules and people who don't always want their best interests.

Genre: dramedy

Series creators: Barbara H. Schmitt and Petra Sandqvist

Producer: Barbara H. Schmitt

Director: Pia Louise Edvardsen


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