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The Magic Tree - Literature book - Portuguese

Synopsis: Leo's school is preparing for the Christmas Show. All the children are excited apart from Leo who is nervous about performing on stage. Whilst trying to hide, Leo meets Josh the snowman who takes him to his village inhabited by living Christmas decorations. However, children are not strictly allowed in the village and Star, the mayor, is not too happy to see a little boy. As a consequence, Leo has to join the snowmen at the Magic Tree Christmas Show and perform a song. If they don't win the show, the snowmen will be put back in the cupboard for a whole year instead of joining the other decorations sitting in The Magic Christmas Tree.

Leo has to confront his fears about singing to an audience and overcome his stage fright in order to help Josh and his snowman friends.


Embark with Leo on this thrilling adventure in an enchanting snowy village in the "The Magic Tree."



Reading level: 4 - Fluent readers

The books comes with a didatic material for teachers and parents use so they can aplly with the reader. Those activities are developed by a team of teachers and pedagogues. 

The book developt abilities such as: reading and cognigtive skills, and family value.


Sales in BRAZIL: Todo Livro


Global sales: via website or send a email to: 


The Magic Tree - Literature book - Portuguese



    Paperback: 64 pages

    Publisher: Todo Livro Ltda.

    EAN: 9788537641682

    Language: Portuguese

    Product dimensions: 20x20cm, color

    Shipping weight: 1kg




    Shipping in Brazil: Todo Livro website

    Europe distribution: Livros for Kids

    Global shipping: author's distribution, sending from Norway. 

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